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Fangbone is a nine-year-old barbarian warrior from Skullbania who has landed in Eastwood Elementary's third grade class to save his native land from the vilest villain, Venomous Drool. With the help of his new sidekick Bill, a lovable, normal, goofy kid, Fangbone outwits his enemies while discovering the modern world.
Fangbone! wasn&#39;t on my radar, Fangbone! would never have been on my radar! It was a recommendation and they always get pushed to the top of my watchlist so here am I just finished off watching this essentially kids show.<br/><br/>It tells the story of Fangbone a young Barbarian from another world as he with his best friend adjusts to his new life and protects an evil wizards toe from those who seek to take it.<br/><br/>As you&#39;d imagine it&#39;s silly and it&#39;s demographic is blatant, however to its credit it does have a certain charm and it does have a lot of adult humour. You know the kinds of jokes they throw into the likes of The Simpsons for the adults which will go straight over the young tykes heads.<br/><br/>This made me enjoy it a tad more than I perhaps should have, though I did have a bit of embarassment watching this. Whats next, The Fairly OddParents?<br/><br/>Now sadly on IMDB this show is a total mess, not every episode is present, the episodes are in the wrong order and for some reason many have been bunched up together. I&#39;m a big IMDB contributor but fixing that mess is too big a job, pay me and we&#39;ll talk!<br/><br/>Fangbone! is certainly head and shoulders above the usual Saturday morning cartoon and almost ventures into Ren &amp; Stimpy territory.<br/><br/>The Good:<br/><br/>Some interesting characters<br/><br/>Concept works better than you&#39;d imagine<br/><br/>Some great adult humour<br/><br/>The Bad:<br/><br/>Ultimately still a kids show<br/><br/>Some really purile jokes<br/><br/>Very hit and miss<br/><br/>Things I Learnt From This Movie:<br/><br/>I need to vet my recommendations better
Fangbone adventures is a great show. Funny, bizarre and have clever jokes.<br/><br/>If you know the Barbarian HQ universe, Heavy Metal, you will be crazy about this cartoon.<br/><br/>Like Conan, The Barbarian and Groo, Fangbone is the barbarian of the new generation.

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